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Hi, welcome . My name is Anneliese and I live in New Zealand.  I am a Asiatic parrot breeder, and mostly I breed Indian ringnecks, as well as green checked conures.
I love hand rearing baby parrots and have hand reared many different species ranging from finches to ringnecks, I have also successfully hand reared from the egg.
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Indian Ringnecks

  • Indian ringnecks are one of the most popular birds represented in parrot collections. They are proved to be hardy and reliable breeders.

  • The normal Green ringneck is 42cm (16.5 in.) long.
They are very hard to sex under three years of age unless they are surgically or D.N.A. sexed.
The males get a pink and black ring around the neck and display to their female by stretching and bowing and dilating the eyes. Only males display.
The female remains completely green showing just a hint of where the ring should be. adult plumage is attained at three years.

  • Breeding
They should be housed as single pairs and in open flights with about 1/4 covered. The flights should be about 12-14 feet long.
Hollow logs which are hung vertically are used for nesting and they have about 1/3 filled with moist untreated wood shavings.
Four eggs is the normal clutch, and incubation takes 21-24 days. The young spend 7 weeks in the nest.
On fledging the young are often as big in the body as their parents they just have a shorter tail.  But within a couple of months it is hard to distinguish them from the female.

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